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Own a classic car? We specialize in classic car repair and restoration.
We can restore your classic to their vintage glory.
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Service & Maintenance

It is exceptionally vital to take care of your investment by keeping up with mileage maintenance schedules. Following the manufacturer’s factory recommended maintenance schedules can lengthen the life of your car while also helping to evade unforeseen expensive repairs later on.
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Classic Car Restoration Services

From routine maintenance to full Classic Car Restoration Service, we can help!

Engine Restoration

Our expert mechanics provide expert assembly and detail, and along with our expert machine shop partners, provide complete service.

Transmission Restoration

Our expert mechanics provide expert installation and detail, and along with our expert partners, provide complete service and repair.

Suspension Restoration

Whether refreshing or rebuilding your suspension, or need the expertise to add custom performance we have the tools to get it done right!

Paint and Body

We do the hard rust repair and replacement, sheet metal fabrication and more. Once your car is complete paint your classic the stock or any modern color.

Wiring / Electrical Restoration

Often the mysterious black box of classic car restoration, our experts can do complete rewire kits to repair your current wiring system for superior reliability.

Glass and Windshield Restoration

Our experts make sure that the glass travels up and down properly, that its sealed, and can replace your work or scratched glass with new replacements.

Over 30 years experience

If your car has stopped running at peak performance, you’ll need to trust in a dependable auto repair shop to deliver an honest professional opinion. As a licensed, family-owned and operated automotive care center in Plant City, Florida, Complete Classic Auto Restoration devotes our full attention to offering fast, reliable repair work without taking drivers for a ride. Our skilled technicians are well-prepared to repair vehicles of all makes, models, and years.


Our Classic Car Restoration Service team devotes all the time it takes to develop a clear, concise appraisal of your vehicle’s requirements. Your car is unique. No two paths of restoration begin at the same starting point.


We keep you updated as to your project’s progress with photographs, e-mails and telephone calls. All questions are answered efficiently… and all Classic Car Restoration problems are solved effectively.


Each Classic Car Restoration Service will exceed your expectations – it’s our personal guarantee! It’s our consistent dedication to doing things the right way that has earned us our reliable reputation.

Auto Repair and Maintenance Services

From basic maintenance to full car inspection, we can help!

Charging System Repair

We diagnose and repair 6 volt 12 volt charging systems. If you need a high Amp system or want to switch to a one wire system, we can help.

Auto AC and Heat Repair

Our experts can rebuild your factory AC/Heat box or upgrade you to the latest modern retrofit AC System.

Braking System Repair

Our experts can bring your stock system back to its original form. Or we can upgrade you to a modern disk brake conversion system for more safety.

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